How to Get Cheap Satellite Internet Service

How to Get Cheap Satellite Even If You Already Have a Satellite Internet Service

By Carl Langlois

Satellite internet is similar to other high speed Internet services. To use the service, you have to sign a service contract for a specific period of time. In the initial stages of your contract, you often get a lower rate as an incentive for signing up. But then the price increases to regular rates. The increase is often quite a lot. Even so, you can still get cheap satellite Internet. Here’s how to do it.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having satellite high speed Internet. The disadvantage is the fact that you have to pay more than with DSL or cable Internet. The advantage lies with the fact that satellite Internet is an emerging technology.

Any new technological product that comes into the marketplace generates a lot of buzz and a high cost initially. If you think for example about flat screen TVs. The price today is a lot less than it was when they first became available. The cost goes down as improvements are made in the technology.

Because of the limited customer base, satellite providers of Internet services rarely use conventional advertising. That’s why, when your promotional price is over, you should contact your service provider and ask about new packages and pricing.

Maybe there will be a new package available and maybe not. But the point is you probably won’t be aware of it unless you ask them. And if there isn’t one now, call them back in 6 months. Things change very quickly in this industry.

Whatever you do, do not wait until after your contract runs out to contact them. Believe me, I know. I waited and it cost me a lot. You see, my contract had expired and I was carrying on, on a monthly basis. I knew I should check into a new contract but I hadn’t done so.

Then one day out of the blue I got a phone call from my internet service provider offering a better package and better pricing if I renewed for a year. Because of updates and improvements in their satellite service, they could now offer their existing customers an improved package for less money.

If I had contacted them as soon as my contract expired I could have been saving $30 per month for more than 6 months. They were going through their customer files and offering new deals to customers who had completed their contracts when my name came up.

Better yet is that if at any time a better price comes into effect during the period of my contract, I am eligible for it, just by renewing again for a year.

As the internet via satellite business becomes more competitive, more service providers will be trying to get a bigger share of this booming market. If a service provider already has your business, they will go to great lengths to avoid having you move on to a different provider. The result is better packages and lower pricing.

Why not take advantage of this? It’s certainly a good idea to see what’s on offer from the competition but be sure to check out what your existing service provider has available. The fact is that even if you have a contract, you may still be able to negotiate and get cheap satellite Internet right now.

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HughesNet to Launch New Satellite in 2012
Broadband satellite Internet speeds to increase when HughesNet launches a new $115 million dollar satellite in 2012.



How to Use HughesNet for Satellite Internet Unlimited Data Downloads?

How to Use HughesNet for Satellite Internet Unlimited Data Downloads?

By Ronnie Marlborough

If you are thinking of getting satellite Internet and are worried about download data restrictions a Hughesnet Satellite Internet user can take advantage of unlimited downloading between 2 and 7 am. The following will help you. You must download the actual software labeled Hughesnet Download Manager on the Hughesnet Website (

The Satellite Internet Hughesnet Download Manager allows a Hughesnet Satellite Internet user to down load unlimited amounts of software, music, and movies between the hours of 2 and 6 am. This is done by using the Hughesnet Download Manager. A Hughesnet customer can manage what data they want to download and download it overnight when Hughesnet unlimited data downloads occur.

You must have either Windows XP or Vista 32-bit Operating System. Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers are supported. During the installation, the HDM is set to use the Easy Mode which uses a simple menu to choose how files are downloaded.

The HDM default schedule downloads occurs during the Download Zone between 2 and 6 am. This is because HDM determines what the Time is for your location. This will virtually eliminate exceeding your download threshold related to file downloads. If you do want your file immediately simply click Download Now to download content you need immediately.

If you choose the Download Now you will be presented with a reminder that downloads outside of the Download Zone may increase your chances of being subjected to exceeding your download threshold.

To Use the free-download manager simply click on the file you want to download. If the file is larger than 10 MB, the HDM will open the “New Download” window. The HDM will display a floating icon called a DropBox on the lower right corner of your screen and you’ll see a new icon in the system tray. You can drag any file to the DropBox. The HDM will manage those downloads regardless of file size.

To ensure that the HDM does not start scheduled free-downloads too soon, scheduled downloads will start at five minutes after the Download Zone opens and end five minutes prior to the end. Scheduled free-downloads that do not complete will resume downloading the file during the next Download Zone session.

Satellite Internet implies a fair access policy to ensure fair use for all using the system. The restrictions are in place to protect to consumer from experiencing heavy usage due to an excess of data bottle necking the system. If you recall the days of dial-up internet, when there were to many users on AOL the modem would dial and dial repeatedly. This does still apply but the steps that Satellite Internet Providers have in place rarely if ever affect their Users.

You do have the ability to access Music and movies and you can access unlimited data at speeds much faster than dial up ever was, you just need the knowledge to use the system to your benefit. The manager will not help with streaming video such as YouTube or Netflix and the HDM does not manage or intercept Windows updates, iTunes, or other background application updates.

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Transporting Technology Around the Country With Satellite Internet

Transporting Technology Around the Country With Satellite Internet

By Harvey Markus

For years, many people living in rural and remote parts of the United States have wondered how certain goods and services seem to find them so easily, while others still aren’t anywhere to be seen. If the groceries, fast food chains, and clothing brands found all over the country can somehow make their way to even the most rural of communities, then when can’t certain services like high speed Internet? For a long time people who couldn’t get cable television faced a similar dilemma in that they were missing out on the pop culture and programming the rest of the country was able to see. Now, they are mostly using satellite television and getting better programming, picture quality and selection than anyone still using cable. These same people, however, are left wondering how on earth they are able to get hundreds and thousands of amazing television channels powered right into their living rooms from space, but can’t get the terrestrial broadband companies to roll out a few extra miles of cable or wire to provide them with an alternative to dial up Internet! The truth is that there are still places where wires and cables don’t reach, or at least not easily, and at this point many terrestrial broadband providers are content to wait out wireless technologies improving to the point that cables and wires become obsolete. For home and professional Internet users, however, the wait has been long enough and they are ready for something a bit more efficient than dial up right away. That’s why so many are taking a hint from their current television service and going with satellite Internet broadband.

Getting broadband speeds means being able to run a successful business. It means being able to upload and download media, music, movies, photos and more. It means the ability to study online, or to make an international phone call via the Internet. Having an online presence these days really opens a person up to a whole world of possibility. Having a high speed online presence is even better. It gives a person the chance to really make the most of everything offered on the internet today. With a dial up connection many services and of course many websites are just plain out of reach. There are types of software that won’t work with a dial up connection, and forget about playing video games with other competitors via the internet. These are all things that dial up make nearly impossible.

Now, the easy way to get hooked up to this universally available form of high speed internet is to go online and find a satellite internet provider near you. Just like with television, there are installation specialists all over the country who are ready and waiting to help you get hooked up to the future of rural internet. Whether for a business, school or personal residence, it’s easy and affordable to get hooked up to high speed satellite Internet broadband and there are a variety of packages. Just go online or speak with a representative to find out which one is right for you!

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Cheap Satellite Internet – What Options Do You Have?

Numerous people can’t even imagine themselves living in remote rural areas. Do you know the main reason why? They fear a communication breakdown or barrier the most. Today, cheap broadband satellite Internet is the new hope for the American rural neighborhoods. It is very quick, accurate and reliable. A few years back, this high speed satellite connection depended on cable or phone networks.

Those of you who installed it back then know that it required a dial up connection to upload data. Now, the entire country is enjoying a new evolution of rural satellite Internet. Providers of broadband or wireless services are available and they continue to emerge. Their services are accessible at very high download speeds ranging from five hundred to one thousand kilobytes per second.

This translates to approximately ten to twenty times quicker than a 56k modem. Upload speed is relatively high as it ranges between one hundred to two hundred and fifty six kilobytes per second. If you want to try a wireless satellite connection, it is good to appreciate the fact that satellite Internet is not highly responsive this is due to the high latency of the satellite connection. In other words, you might encounter problems with online gaming or VoIP Internet phone Service .

High speed satellite Internet technology doesn’t use coaxial television cable or twisted pair wires as does its Cheap Broadband Cable and DSL counterparts. This makes it extremely desirable in remote and rural locations where cable and Cheap DSL are not an available Internet option.

Is the Installation affordable?  Installation is quite simple but expensive. It involves installation of special broadband satellite dish with various supporting components. Even so, a transceiver, cables, a dish antenna and harness, a satellite interface modem and quality software are the basic requirements.

The process will mainly depend on whether you want a one-way or a two-way type of connection. The latter is a set up involving downloads and uploads through the satellites. Since it provides a bigger bandwidth, this network is quick and reliable. Downloads occur through satellite and uploads through a phone in a one-way connection.

Do you really want to get Cheap Satellite Internet today?

If you do, you must prepare to negotiate with your best providers. They can provide high speed satellite Internet service within the price range of fifty to two hundred dollars per month. The average rates range between sixty to ninety dollars a month. Since you will be installing it for the first time, do not ignore equipment and technician costs. They can easily inflate the average monthly costs to over one hundred dollars.

Despite that, a good provider will continue offering you consistent and reasonable High Speed Satellite service month after month. If you are thinking of settling anywhere in the rural areas of the US, you need to continue accessing the web at high speed. Currently, cheap satellite Internet technology is the best. Use the available online Satellite Internet directories to trace trustworthy providers in your state and local area.




What is VSAT Technology?

A number of conventional Internet service providers are known to use cables to distribute their bandwidth to their clients within areas that already have the existing cable infrastructure. As much as the cable technology has proved very convenient for many situations, there are situations however that may not be very conducive for the use of these common Internet connections through cables. It is in such settings that the use of VSAT technology comes in handy.
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Connecting Satellite Internet to Multiple Computers

Connecting Satellite Internet to Multiple Computers

What is satellite Internet, do you ask?

Well, basically its high speed broadband Internet access provided by means of satellites. This service is given to users all over the world through Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. There are several kinds of satellite systems with a wide range of features and technical restraints that can affect their performance and usefulness.

As a practical application, you can access the Internet in the absence of cable TV, or DSL service by using Satellite Internet. Also, if you are a rural user of the Internet wanting access to broadband, it’s the ideal solution for you since satellite Internet neither uses telephone lines nor cables but a satellite dish, as the name suggests, for both uploading and downloading data communications. The speed of uploading information is barely one-tenth of the download speed which is 500 Kbps. Satellite systems are said to be at least 10 times faster than a traditional dial up modem connection.

How to set up an Internet connection through satellite:

A common method of setting up an rural broadband Internet connection is through a satellite. This is considered a good option for those wanting to have multiple computers with access to the Internet. These systems have a Satellite Dish which is linked by to a receiver by a Ethernet cable. You can link your desktop computer to the receiver directly. You can also use economical, easily available hardware and network several computers to a satellite Internet system for individual and multiple simultaneous use of the Internet. For this, you will need a network cable and a broadband router.

1. Locate the Ethernet Output Port:

First, take a good look at your satellite Internet system and its receiver. Locate its Ethernet output socket which will connect to the WAN port on your router. Your satellite receiver is usually placed in a safe part of your home or office near an electrical connection.

2. Link Router and Cable:

Choose from a wireless or wired broadband router. Add to it network cable and place the former in a spot where you can provide adequate signals to reach the computers, particularly if you’re using a wireless router. Take one end of the network cable and connect it with the output port of the satellite Internet receiver and insert the other end of this cable into the WAN port of the broadband router.

If using a wireless router, a signal can be broadcast to multiple computers with wireless capability. If your computer does not have wireless capability, the necessary equipment can usually be purchased to give it wireless capability.

Some Handy Tips:

* Place all wireless routers near the center of your home or office. This is because you can get the maximum signal strength here, which could be weak at other parts of the premises, depending on the distance between it and the receiving computer.

* Usually, one router is enough, though you could have more than one router if you run a large commercial establishment or if you live in a large home.
* There are potential security threats when using a wireless router, so it’s best that you are aware of them and take adequate steps to counter them.

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